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"What can you do for me?"

From a single character headshot to multiple characters. Sketches, linearts and full paintings. Simple backgrounds or semi-complex compositions. Anything else you'd like? Feel free to ask!

Prices vary from piece to piece depending on complexity amongst other things, so I do not have a chart with pre-set prices for each type of commission. Again, feel free to ask! I'll be more than happy to at least answer any questions you may have.


Please, read them fully.

Contact and payment

Contacte me via note here on DeviantArt, via IM on my Tumblr or via e-mail at /

You'll need to send me details about your request and references as stated in the Terms of Service as well as your way of payment beforehand. 

Payment in U$D via PayPal Invoice or Western Union. Details will be provided upon contact.

Feel free to message me even if you just want to ask something!
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May 4, 2016


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